Pots and Knots


My name is Rebekah Rary, I am a licensed and certified massage therapist as well as a ceramics enthusiast (with a Bachelors in the field to back that enthusiasm). Science and art are the cornerstones of my professional platform and I have found they work well together at balancing both myself and my techniques.

I went to school for Massage Therapy directly out of high school due to the desire to know more about my own body than they teach you in the average classroom. I chose to attend CIMT (Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy) because at the time Idaho did not have a licensing board for massage and as a result all of the schools in Idaho provided only a minimal education in massage. I graduated with 1,150 hours of training in NMT (Neuromusculartherapy). This technique is a focused deep tissue massage where the elimination of chronic pain patterns is the goal. Because of this training, my work is very detailed and sometimes described as aggressive.

Ceramics was something I discovered after graduating from massage and I have been pursuing both ever since. My work tends to be atmospherically fired at cone 10 in either a salt or a soda kiln (although those methods are more dangerous to the pieces and harder to fire so must, at times, be supplemented with electric or gas firing).  The main benefit of atmospheric firing is that you can maintain a bare clay surface and still seal it so that it is food, dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe. Overall, this bare clay gives each piece a more raw and naturalistic feel and look.




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